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Automated body in white production
One of our core businesses is the production of fully automated bodyshell lines for all vehicle body parts. Our product portfolio includes the initial conceptual design of the equipment in the course of an SE examination and the development of a plant concept, taking all customer-specific requirements and boundary conditions into consideration.

Masters of robot joining technology

White production
Beyond that, our range of services includes the design and manufacture of all kinds of facility components, such as geometric joining stations, multiplex rotary tables, grippers and flanging stations.

We use a simulation to set the facility up and safeguard it virtually, in order to ensure the installation runs smoothly. Steps will be taken to ensure that our planned distribution of welding and rivet points take both the availability and accessibility of robots into account, in accordance with the safety guidelines.

Our portfolio is rounded off by the corresponding robot programming, including the transfer of all previous design and simulation data, all the way through to commissioning.

High volume production
Safety-critical processes
Automated quality

4-times turntable

body side passenger car

Welding fixture

with swivel mechanism as preloader


with combi tool