Precise and ergonomic

Assembly technology
Our assembly fixtures and systems are developed and manufactured according to your individual requirements for your production facilities. This allows us to offer you reliable assembly processes and ergonomic handling of add-on parts such as doors, tailgates, boot lids, hinges and mudguards in the chassis production.

Overall assembly concept

Determination of the assembly sequence for parts mounted onto the chassis, checking the technical feasibility.

Process planning

Establishing of the degree of automation with dependence on costs for production, cycle time and wages. Preparation of the line layout

Clamping scheme

Establishing the amount and type of clamping points and split up into the assembly operations. By establishing a conclusive overall concept, the tolerances within the production process can be kept to a minimum.

Assembly studies

Documentation of the respective assembly situation including examination of the technical feasibility.

Manual mounting fixtures

Semi-automated mounting fixtures

Fully-automated mounting fixutres

Carrying tools



fixture door hinge to door



fixture trunk door



fixture fender