We have a goal


Think long-term. Act responsibly.
Those who take the offensive when facing up to their responsibility, like the AUT-TECH Group of Companies, don’t waste time dreaming about the distant future; instead, they plan the next step. We have already begun to address the specific economical, ecological and social goals of the future.

Satisfaction and motivation

As an employer
For us, being a reliable partner to our staff, their families and our clients is both a concern and a commitment. Whether it’s occupational health, the reconciliation of family and work life or further training.

Those employed by the AUT-TECH Group of Companies can count on fair working conditions that pose no threat to their health. Being a responsible-minded employer involves certain key features, such as flexible working hours.

Do more with less

We are always looking for new ways to use less of the valuable raw materials and for any opportunities to reuse them. This is not only true of our client projects, but also of our everyday in-house working practices. As such, we try to avoid printing on paper and equip our workplaces with energy-efficient technology.

The principle of sustainability

moving from reflection to action

Face up to the responsibility

Social commitment
We take our responsibility seriously and dedicate ourselves to helping not-for-profit associations and charitable organisations. The AUT-TECH Group of Companies provides support to child day care centres, schools and regional sports clubs, for example.