More than 0 and 1

Custom-made software
Individually developed and professionally realized. Software is a great way for companies to gain an advantage in the face of increasing competition: more functionality, more flexibility and faster work processes.

Ahead of the future

Smart industry
Digitization and innovative technologies work along the entire value chain from design, simulation, manufacturing to assembly and delivery. The modernization also benefits employees on a permanent basis – at every step of the production process. With AUT-TECH Software GmbH, we are already changing design, simulation and production – sustainably.

Our focus

Understand better
Combining the diversity of individual companies, the many years of experience and the know-how of its employees, the AUT-TECH Group offers the perfect symbiosis for the realization of complex software concepts in industry. Wherever we see untapped potential, we point this out to our customers and contribute appropriate ideas for their development.

Supreme principle

The many years of experience of the AUT-TECH Group form the basis for the successful implementation of large and complex IT projects. In addition, we as the head of the joint project team also like to take on leadership responsibility.


Listen, understand and solve. We actively contribute our extensive know-how to the AUT-TECH Group in order to find the right solution together with our customers.


Based on the system analysis, we create a target concept together with the client. What should the planned IT system do, how should the requirements be implemented?


Our agile project management includes different methods that focus on flexibility and customization.


The services range from finished products to the redevelopment of complete applications and the integration of existing legacy systems based on customizable modules and advanced technologies.


For highest customer satisfaction, it is important that you, the client, are significantly involved in the project and are informed about all steps. Communication and collaboration is an important factor in our software development service.

User Interface

Especially the surfaces of innovative industrial software are subject to special requirements. Intuitive usability, clear structures and uncomplicated presentation offer comprehensive added value.


Individually for you we program software, databases and interfaces and thus increase the efficiency of your design or manufacturing processes. We take account of the respective programming languages.

EASY 2.0

Das intelligente Plugin
With the CATIA Plugin EASY 2.0 AUT-TECH Software GmbH offers an intelligent plugin with impressive possibilities. The software supports designers with professional automatic simulations. Design devices and take advantage of a collection of powerful new features.