we plan.

Quality management

All your processes and activities are defined. Nevertheless, critical conditions and situations still arise, for example, repeated product errors, high rework costs, complaints or conflicts etc.

Or customer demands in terms of product quality and production conditions to be detected in advance, which by only monitoring are difficult to achieve.

we plan.

Optimise your processes
We are specialists with long-standing experience in process analysis, process design and optimisation.

we plan. gladly supports you in building a process landscape to regulate responsibility, set clear specifications and objectives, standardise internal processes and ultimately transparency in the relationship between supplier and client, which will increase customer satisfaction.

We provide you

  • An initial audit, systems and process analysis, set new requirements for the processes.

  • The modification solutions are processed by cross-divisional internal teams and documented. Thereby the required qualifications are created by internal trainings.

  • The redesigned process landscape is tried and tested.

  • When required internal auditors will receive training. By internal audits the process system is examined in the trial period in order to regularly achieve improvement.

Benefits for your company

  • Error and risk recognition, with a clear separation of errors and their causes.

  • Process optimisation with consideration of conflicts, communication disorders and other points of intersection.

  • Optimum use of improvement potential due to indicators and their trends.

  • Support with the internal system, process and product audits.

  • Active application of quality tools, such as

    • project management in the core business (APQP) product
    • production process clearance (PPAP/PPF)
    • Risk analysis (DFMEA, PFMEA)
    • Statistical process control (SPC)
    • statistical measuring equipment analysis (MSA)
    • structured complaint management, (e.g. 8 D)