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Quick process audit

Your company faces an important strategic decision. You want to develop new markets or bring new products to a demanding customer-oriented market.

we plan.

Perfectly prepared for your customer audit
The Quick Process audit provides you with the answer to how good your opportunities are as a supplier and for getting a new customer on board.

We provide you

  • The processes in the following areas will be audited: -

    • Production
    • Logistics
    • Maintenance
    • Quality
    • Personnel department
  • The main focus of the analysis is:

    • Process organisation
    • Process coordination
    • Process ability
    • Process efficiency
  • Lean manufacturing and Six Sigma tools are used during the analysis.

Duration: 1-2 days depending on company size

In a short time and with little expenditure you receive detailed answers to the following questions:

  • How good are my processes in comparison with potential competitors?

  • Where is the potential or the need for improvement?

  • How effective is my quality management system?

  • How healthy is the relationship between investments

    • In production technology?
    • The organisation of labour?
    • Logistics and product development?
    • Process development?
  • Do I have the appropriate knowhow and how efficient is my personnel policy?

  • What can I expect from an audit by a potential customer or a certification audit?

  • What do I have to do to eliminate existing deficits and how much time and money will this cost?