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A complicated quality problem has arisen. The origin of the problem is not entirely clear and you need an objective analysis of the influencing factors as well as concrete effective action with measurable results.

2 Black Betls

Measurably improve quality
A short term Six Sigma project under the management of our specialists helps you to permanently remedy the quality problem.

Quality problems are processed in a structured manner according to the DMAIC process:

  • Define

    Defining project subject, problems, target, team,…

  • Measure

    Data recording to determine the actual IST state

  • Analysis

    Processing and analysis of collected information with the help of statistical tools.

  • Improve

    Development and implementation of improvement measures.

  • Control

    Validation of the introduced measures; visualisation of the final results.

Benefits for your company

  • Service as required: either we provide you with our Black Belt specialists to manage the project and to coach your personnel or a group of specialists (Six Sigma Black Belts, Six Sigma Green Belts) who completely manage and finalise the project.

  • Relatively short projects (mostly 4 months) with a pre- calculable budget have reduction potential.

  • Structured application of approved methods which provide an objective and measurable foundation for additional decisions.

  • You do not need to invest in expensive Minitab- software, unless you want to create your own Six Sigma organisation, also here you can depend on the support of our top specialists.

  • Inclusion of additional approved methods such as Lean Production or KVP/Kaizen is possible.

  • When there are problems with purchasing of parts, we help you with suppliers in the development and exploration of new geographical markets.