Yesterday, today, tomorrow


Group of Companies

Even movement

If you know where you come from, you can consistently go forward.


Life is a team sport: you have to be able to rely on each other.

What we think about when we think about tomorrow

The smartest construction. The perfect product. The factory of tomorrow.

With more ideas for the future

The future has been our goal for more than 30 years. How do we get there? With more power and more accuracy. In other words, with more ideas. – We are more than just a supplier.

Our dream of the perfect product for our customers drives us – always. And we get closer to it every day. With every idea. With every development. With every product. We pursue a plan, an ideal that unites us all. The principle is: to get the best result for the customer.

Over the past three decades, this has resulted in long-term partnerships that are proof of the reliability and fairness of the AUT-TECH Group.

Jürgen Linder (CEO)

Numbers, data, facts

If you know where you come from, you can consistently go forward.

Group of Companies

Founded in 1987 as AUT-TECH Automationstechnik GmbH, today the AUT-TECH group comprises 12 companies. Together we offer as a full-service supplier, the complete processing of various projects for the relevant sectors automotive, aerospace, pharmaceutical, agricultural and special vehicle.


3 Continents
9 Locations
12 Companies worldwide

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The future has already begun at AUT-TECH

EASY Weld Gun

With the EASY Weld Gun plugin for CATIA, you design welding studies for the automotive sector. EASY Weld Gun provides all the tools you need to collide the pliers window during the design phase.

EASY Doku Tool

Fast and error-free documentation of welding and riveting point distributions in Excel. The EASY Docu Tool recognizes points in the created image, searches for the relevant welding or rivet parameters from an Excel spreadsheet and documents everything in the program.

Guiding principles

Quality and environmental policies

The AUT-TECH Group of Companies stands for service for the benefit of our partners. This is why we have summarised our company policy in the following principles, from which we derive our precise objectives:

§ 1 The only way to ensure corporate success and job security is through customer satisfaction. This is why we take cost-benefit analyses into account before offering each of our customers the “best” solution for them.

§2 Technology alone is not the be-all and end-all! Our corporate success can only be guaranteed by maintaining a consistent customer and service orientated point of view in the form of instant service, maintenance services and tailored customer support.

§3 We hereby commit ourselves to the continuous improvement of our quality management system, by

  • continuously reviewing and enhancing our processes,
  • regularly checking our corporate objectives and adjusting these according to market requirements,
  • reviewing the risks and opportunities once a year and updating these when necessary,
  • constantly improving employee satisfaction and qualifications with appropriate training programmes.

§4 Our motivated staff guarantee our corporate success! It is our top-quality work “made in Germany” and fast and responsible actions that have made a name for the AUT-TECH Group of Companies as well-established and reliable partners. Our management is aware of corporate social responsibility, and this is reflected in our longstanding core workforce and involvement in municipal affairs.§5 We have always complied with all the laws and regulations relevant to us and will continue to do so in future. This means that we have to modify our management system according to any amendments made to the respective legislations.

$6 Our executive board is committed to exemplifying these principles, as well as guaranteeing, monitoring and strengthening the effectiveness of the management system for which these principles provide the basis, by all means necessary. All the corporate goals we have derived from this contain measurable variables that can be used to objectively assess the achievement of our goals.

§7 Our corporate policy is communicated to all levels of the corporation through in-house events, such as associate meetings (Monday and Saturday meetings), notices, training schemes and so on.

§8 Our corporate goals are intended to fulfil these principles. They are defined once a year by the members of the AUT-TECH Group of Companies and are reviewed at regular intervals.

§9 Our management provides the necessary means for the implementation and maintenance of the quality management system.